Why do we track every order every day?

Because you would rather be recruiting students than worrying where your brochures are.  That’s our job.

Every day our institution customers place orders in Edgistic, our online portal, for brochures to be shipped to their events around the world.

We call these Critical Orders, and when placed our customer tells us:

  • What has to be despatched.
  • Where it has to go.
  • When it has to get there.

When the order comes through we check it for possible problems such as:

  • Incorrect or incomplete address – for example, bad or missing postcodes can hold up delivery or even despatch.
  • Insufficient time for delivery – so we may expedite it for immediate despatch.
  • Likely problems with customs – so we may prepare special documentation or split the order to get the weight below known “screen free” levels.
Once despatched we track every order through to delivery, keeping our customer’s required delivery date in mind. 

If the required date is approaching and the shipment remains undelivered, we escalate our efforts to fix whatever it is that is causing the hold up, following a 3 Step procedure:

  1. Solve it ourselves – we’ll work with the courier to find out what the problem is and if we can provide the required information, be it an updated address or improved documentation, that’s what we’ll do.
  2. Reach out to the recipient – sometimes the best person to fix the problem is the recipient, which is why we always ask for their contact email at the point of order.
  3. Contact you – our last resort is to contact our customer, which usually happens when we can’t reach the recipient and usually after we’ve found out exactly what the problem is and how the customer can help.

At the end of the day, we are not printer, manufacturer or courier – we’re a supply chain manager that ensures the right information arrives at the right time at each point of the supply chain.  

And in that way, we can ensure the most vital information, the brochures for your prospective students, arrives on time for your event.