Join the Quest for a Better Brochure

Brochures and flyers have been a big part of student recruitment for more than 20 years, and in spite of changing markets and unprecedented digital disruption, they remain useful to institutions and their representatives in the field.

However, this doesn’t mean it is all plain sailing for printed collateral.

Print can be costly to produce and distribute, is easily wasted and it’s hard to pin down its ROI.

For all these reasons, we’ve found institutions are keenly interested in finding new ways to reduce the cost and improve the effectiveness of their printed collateral.  

We have some ideas of our own [Read: A New Model for a Better Brochure] but we know there’s a wealth of knowledge among our industry colleagues who have tested ideas at their institutions and seen the results: the good, the bad and the ugly.  

“The Better Brochure Project” is about collecting and sharing those ideas, together with external research [Read: What Neuroscience Tells Us About Brochures and Student Recruitment], and is aimed at helping institutions optimise the design, production and distribution of their printed collateral. 

Do you have ideas or experiences to contribute?  Join us!

Host your institution’s video, web and brochure content on the Digital Collateral Platform and give your recruiters, counsellors and students shareable assets to use on their mobile devices – Learn More.

The Better Brochure Project aims to bring together ideas and experiences from around our industry, helping marketers achieve best practices without the pain and expense that comes with trial and error or the opportunity cost of just ‘repeating what we did last year’.

In addition to offshore printing services, we provide a Digital Collateral Platform that can host video, web and brochure content which recruiters, counsellors and students can use to showcase the institution on their mobile devices.

Showcases are personalised, shareable assets – combinations of content that are accessible via URL or QR code – that can be used at events, in counselling session or printed in brochures for expanded engagement with students and their parents.

Ultimately, we believe that the better brochure of the future will be closely integrated with digital platforms like ours – Learn More.