Our Capabilities

What countries do we print in?

Our offset printing partners are located in:

  • India
  • China
  • Vietnam
  • Pakistan (coming soon)

Where do we store and despatch from?

We partner with warehouses companies in:

  • India – Hyderabad
  • China – Guangzhou
  • Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh
  • Australia – Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth

What express delivery services do we use?

We have three express courier partners:

How do we use technology?

We use the Edgistic online platform to manage freight orders and inventory.  

Edgistic enables us to provide our customers with:

  • Easy and secure access for order placement (24/7).
  • Prioritisation of date critical orders for events
  • Full visibility over orders and inventory.
  • Tight control over what and how much users can order.
  • Informative reporting
  • Sophisticated billing especially where costs need to be split across multiple cost centres.

How can we support and advise you?

We have 20 years experience managing the supply of marketing collateral for education institutions.

Our institution customers benefit from our experience to:

  • Analyse and cost printing and distribution scenarios for budget planning.
  • Plan the most efficient distribution of collateral.
  • Avoid nasty surprises (cost blowouts) driven by poor distribution decisions.
  • Minimise risks of customs delays and costs when shipping to difficult countries.
  • Meet tight deadlines through expedited production and delivery.

Do you have an offshore printing requirement?

Contact us to talk about your institution's needs and how can help you.