Looking for a New In-Country Rep?

Let us know the type of role you’re seeking to fill (and where) and we’ll be in touch to discuss how we can help.

How we can help

Save Time for Your Team

Finding the best talent takes time and discipline, which can be hard when its not your main job and you’re already so busy meeting student recruitment targets.

We give you a head start by bringing a substantial database of prospective candidates from across Asia.

Our database of candidates across Asia, coupled with our focused and disciplined approach, let’s you expedite the recruitment process without burdening you or your team.

Reach Hidden Prospects

The best talent isn’t looking for a job, they’re busy doing it, well.  So, they probably won’t see your ads and if they do, it may seem like too much trouble to apply.

Effective outreach to qualified but passive candidates is the key to attracting the best talent.

Prospects always welcome our outreach, and the ensuing conversation can often be what it takes to get them thinking that your opportunity should be the next step in their career.

Target Talent Professionally

Ours is a small industry where everyone knows everyone, especially in-country.  So, targeting competitor talent can be uncomfortable for both you and your prospective candidate. 

Our professional approach gives high value candidates the freedom to explore your opportunity.

The best candidates often have the most (and best) questions and they appreciate the chance to learn about a role safe in the knowledge that whatever their decision, it will be kept confidential.

What our clients say

SelectEd went to huge lengths to meet my very specific requirements for any new roles and provide expert advice on organizational design as well salary benchmarking to attract and retain talents.

Catherine Ng

SelectEd were extremely responsive throughout the process, getting back in a timely manner and answering our myriad questions. They provided great candidates. We're very happy with the final outcome.

Stephen Carleton