Talent Pipeline

Why take a proactive approach to sustaining and growing offshore teams?

The Talent Imperative

As competition for international students turns increasingly fierce, more institutions are realizing that to compete they need effective on-the-ground representation in source countries.

With few outstanding differentiators between competing institutions, most of which are below the ‘elite’ tier that sell themselves, winning institutions will be the ones with the most talented representatives and teams. 

The Talent Problem

Institutions that realize they need more and better talent, soon discover that it is hard to find, let alone recruit, talented representatives.

This has two serious consequences for their business: 

  1. The institution only gets access to the best talent available (or that they’ve been able to find) at that moment, or
  2. It takes a lot longer than anticipated for it to fill the position, leading to missed recruitment seasons and underperforming teams. 

There are three underlying causes of this problem:

  • Talent is scarce – whilst there’s no shortage of people in source countries who want to be institution representatives, few are talented student recruitment professionals.
  • Competition for talent is fierce – not surprisingly high demand for a scarce resource leads to competition and inevitably, winners and losers in the race for top tier talent (and wage inflation).
  • Recruiting is reactive – most institutions wait until a position is created or becomes vacant before going to market to recruit, which massively increases the degree of difficulty (and reduces the likelihood) of hiring the best talent for the position.

The Solution

Our Talent Pipeline is a strategic approach to recruitment consisting of 5 steps:

Step 1 – Let’s define your Employee Value Proposition (EVP): We’ll figure out with you the answer to the question every candidate asks: Why would I want to work for this institution? (it helps us decide who to target too).

Step 2 – We’ll promote your EVP to the Talent: We’ll create a promotional campaign aimed at positioning your institution as an employer of choice for your ideal talent. 

Step 3 – Define your Ideal Talent and Map it: We’ll find out who are the people that you want in your team and where to find them.

Step 4 – Engage the Talent and Qualify it: We’ll start engaging, screening and qualifying your targets before you need them.

Step 5 – Recruit the Talent: And when the time comes, you’ve got one or more strong candidates ready to go, rather than hoping someone good will respond to your job post.

Do you need a talent pipeline?

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