SelectEd Reps is designed to provide universities and education groups with a cost effective way to reach and recruit in-country representatives across Asia.

Why SelectEd Reps?

Institutions are increasingly dependent on their in-country representatives to connect with students and parents in market.

Their role in building relationships with agents and school counsellors, as well as creating a brand presence at overseas study fairs and in local media, is critical for a successful student recruitment strategy.

But it is hard for institutions to find good in-country reps, with few effective channels for recruitment available.  Headhunting services are expensive, and usually reserved for executive level positions, whilst advertising fails to reach passive or reluctant candidates.  In the end, most positions are filled by referrals, luck or not at all.


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How SelectEd Reps Helps

Helping Candidates

Job opportunities.  Get opportunities, especially ones you might miss, delivered to your inbox.

It’s confidential. You can enquire with us in confidence (no risk of it getting back to colleagues or bosses).

Get the background. Find out a bit about the job before you apply – the employer, the programs and responsibilities, as well as some guidance on salary.

Be supported.  From tips on how to prepare your CV to guidance on what the employer is really looking, we’re here to help. 

Helping Institutions

A bigger net. We make it easier for candidates to engage with your opportunity, which gives you access to talent that wouldn’t otherwise respond to your advertising.

Genuine candidates.  Candidates that come from SelectEd Reps haven’t just clicked an “Apply” button – they are genuinely motivated by your opportunity.

The right fit.   Not every candidate is perfect for a job (obviously), but we won’t refer complete mis-matches either. 

How Does it Work?

For Candidates

Sign up. Simply sign up below and start receiving job alerts as they come in (it’s free).

Your Profile. After signing up you can update your profile to tell us a bit more about the type of role you’d be interested in.

Your Privacy. We value your privacy and you can unsubscribe from SelectEd Reps at any time.

For Institutions

Contact us.  And share information about the role you’re seeking to fill.

Service Agreement. We’ll send you a short agreement (contract) for signing.

Job Description. Send us the job description and any other information you think may help promote your opportunity.

Promotion. We’ll advertise through our channels and reach out to people we know are in the market for your type of role.

Candidates. You’ll receive candidates as they agree to apply.

Fee.  The service is free and we only charge a fee on placement of one of our candidates.

Is it a Headhunting Service?

No, so we don’t guarantee placements, which is why we can keep the cost of service down.

But it will broaden the net that you cast for candidates and so should be seen as a supplement to your own advertising and referral efforts

Why SelectEd?

Since 2012, we’ve helped many of talented student recruitment professionals in China and Hong Kong find job opportunities with institutions around the world. 

Over that time, we have developed a service model that takes care to support both candidates and employers.

We’re now extending our network beyond China to other countries in Asia and we invite you to join us.

What’s a SelectEd Rep?

A candidate below Executive level and above Entry level, usually with 2-12 years experience in student recruitment roles.

Candidates, sign up for Job Alerts.

Need help with your CV?

Get 11 Tips for a Winning CV here or after signing up you’re welcome to ask for our CV Template with Supporting Notes.

Institutions, contact us to post your job.