Brochures and Flyers

We print locally. Deliver globally.

Quality Printing

Our print partners in India, China, Vietnam and Brazil have been printing for education institutions for more than 20 years – so they know how to produce the high-quality collateral required by universities and schools and do it quickly.

Meet our partner in India:

Express Delivery

From our Distribution Centres in India and China, we link with some of the world’s leading express couriers to give our institution customers’ a global delivery network that is fast and efficient.

Meet our global express partner:

Smart Advice

SelectEd has 20 years experience managing the production and distribution of marketing collateral for education institutions. 

And we use our experience to help our institution customers avoid cost overruns and get the most value from their marketing budgets.

Learn: How to avoid wasting a lot of money on a brochure mailout.

Proactive Service

We don’t wait for our institution customers to tell us there’s a problem because often that’s too late.  We always try to spot and resolve an issue before it becomes a problem for our customer.  And we charge no management fees.

Learn: Why we track every order, every day.

Custom Technology

We use the Edgistic online platform that is custom built for our institution customers.

Edgistic gives our customers full visibility over their freight orders and helps them keep tight control over their inventory of marketing collateral, making it last until the next cycle.

Learn: How to set up product allocations for your teams in Edgistic.

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