Showcase Your Digital Collateral

Empower your recruiters, counsellors and students to create and share personalised showcases of your best digital content.

Every institution has a myriad of digital content spread across a wide range of platforms, and whilst most of it is good, not all of it is easy to find or relevant to a student’s particular interest.

So we asked: 

What if an institution could host its best content in one place?

And if we can do that then…

Why not let the end users – recruiters, counsellors and students – find, combine and share just the bits they want?

That’s what our Digital Collateral Platform does.  

It saves your end users from:

  • searching through websites
  • scrolling through outdated video across multiple platforms 
  • struggling with slow and heavy PDF brochures
  • being bombed with email loaded with ugly links
  • Or lumped with a pile of content on Dropbox.

Just give them the bits they need, when they need them and in a format that makes it easy to create personalised, shareable showcases.

What can you host on the SHOWSTAR Digital Collateral Platform?

Pages or images from your brochure or flyers or whole PDFs.

Video from YouTube, Vimeo, Tencent Video (QQ), YouKu or Dailymotion.

Web pages from your institution, partner or social media sites.

Each bit can be combined into a unique URL or QR code for sharing.

Showcase Your Digital Collateral

Host video, web and brochure content on the SHOWSTAR Digital Collateral Platform and empower your recruiters, counsellors and students to showcase your institution on their mobile devices.