Global Talent

We help institutions source talent for their global teams.

Executive Search

Executive Search is a comprehensive recruitment service for institutions seeking to fill an Executive level position with a base salary of over USD $120,000 per year (excluding bonuses and other benefits).

Types of Roles: Regional Director, Country Director, VP Student Recruitment

SelectEd Reps

SelectEd Reps is a new service for institutions seeking Middle to Lower Entry level institution representatives in China and Hong Kong, with South East Asia and South Asia coming soon.

An advertising and referral service that leverages our extensive network of institution reps and student recruitment managers in the region, SelectEd Reps offers institutions a low cost way to reach and attract passive and hidden candidates to apply for their offshore recruitment positions.

Types of Roles: Middle to Lower Entry Level Representative Positions

Talent Pipeline

Talent Pipeline is a proactive approach to recruiting for institutions that have an ongoing need for new talent to support growth and or cope with employee turnover.

Types of Roles: All levels from Entry to Executive.

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